Why Bob Is Running

Public Education

Bob’s original motivation to run for commissioner four years ago was primarily to have a positive impact on the quality of our public education system through the support of our county government.  “Having served on the Vision Plan Committee during the end of my career at Alamance Regional Medical Center during 2012-13, I became acutely aware of how dependent the success of our community was on a strong foundation provided by a strong system of public education,” Bob says.  “I also became aware of the challenges incurred by the Alamance Burlington School System due to inadequate funding from the County.  I wanted to be in a position to do something about that.”  While there has been progress, there is still much more work for Bob to contribute on this issue.

Bob Byrd shares music with the children at the ARMC Family Enrichment Center.

Bob Byrd shares music with the children at the ARMC Family Enrichment Center.

Additional Issues

Additionally, Bob has become involved in other initiatives during his first term.  These include the Stepping Up Initiative (focused on reducing the number of persons with mental illness being incarcerated in our county detention center), which he co-chairs, the opioid crisis, and the implementation of the county’s strategic plan, with which he served in a leadership role in creating its five Strategic Pillars.  “I would like to make additional progress on these important issues,” he says. (See Bob’s 5-Point Platform)

A Career’s Worth of Leadership

Adding to his motivation to run for another term is the fact that he uniquely brings a career’s worth of leadership, management, financial and strategic planning, budgeting, business development, and collaboration skills and experiences that have proven invaluable to him as a commissioner.  In addition, he has continued with extensive community service and leadership with numerous organizations.  He has faithfully represented the Board of Commissioners as a liaison to the Board of Education and on several other boards and committees such as the Alamance Achieves Steering Committee, the Board of Health, three public transportation boards, the Justice Advisory Council (co-chair), the Library Advisory Committee, the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare board (the regional mental health authority), the NC Association of County Commissioners board, and others.  “All these activities have given me invaluable insight on current community issues and needs, which have helped me be a better commissioner,” says Bob.  “I would like to continue to use these leadership experiences and skills to help make Alamance County an even greater place to live, work, and play.”