Why Bob Is Running

Bob’s Motivation

After a 35-year career in healthcare in Alamance County, Bob now wants to serve the community at large. “My desire to be a county commissioner is not about me. It’s about continuing community service,” he says.

“This is a great place to live. I want to see Alamance County get better and better, and I think I have something to offer,” Bob says. He retired as Senior Vice President at Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) following a distinguished career that included extensive community service through civic, professional, and human services organizations.

Bob Byrd shares music with the children at the ARMC Family Enrichment Center.

Bob Byrd shares music with the children at the ARMC Family Enrichment Center.

Public Education

Bob’s recent involvement on Alamance Burlington School System’s Vision Plan Committee helped cement his desire to serve as a county commissioner. From 2012 to 2013 he and other volunteers from across the county met frequently to create a consensus about what public education in Alamance should look like in the coming years.

After getting community input, they agreed on this: Education is the foundation for individual success, economic prosperity, improved quality of life and perpetuation of our democratic society. “With those beliefs as our foundation, we developed a set of some pretty lofty vision statements of what we think our public education system should look like in the coming years. Our community deserves no less.”

The conclusions of the vision committee mirrored Bob’s own experiences in recruiting physicians to ARMC. Key factors for young physicians in accepting positions at the hospital and living in Alamance County were the perceived quality of public education and the community’s support for it.

Effective Governance

With public education a strong focus, Bob also wants to tap his extensive background in helping run a large organization. “I’ve had the honor and privilege to have worked for many years under one of the best governing bodies that ever existed, that of Alamance Regional Medical Center. It’s one of the most successful and fiscally sound organizations around.

“I know what makes a governing body effective,” Bob says, explaining that there is a fine line between governing and managing. He says he has seen many instances over recent years when the Alamance Board of Commissioners crossed that line. “I would like for the board to spend its time governing, to create a vision for our county and to adopt a strategic plan to achieve that vision. I’ve had much experience in those areas.”