Mosque Opens Doors to Community

Bob Byrd, Alamance County commissioner candidate and his wife, Barbara Byrd, speak to Alamance County constituents at the Burlington Masjid, Alamance County’s first mosque. Read the full story from The Burlington News-Times: Mosque Opens Doors to Community

ABSS Parent Forms Native American Council

Kudos to CA Cavalier Crystal Keck for her advocacy for local Native Americans! Thanks to reporter Jessica Williams of the Burlington Times News for a very informative article! Read the full story from The Burlington News-Times: ABSS Parent Forms Native American Council

Alamance to Join Program Aimed at Cutting School-to-Prison Pipeline

It’s really great that Alamance County will be implementing the School Justice Partnership (SJP) program under the leadership of Chief District Court Judge Brad Allen! “’Counties that have already implemented the School Justice Partnerships have seen a more than 50-percent decrease in referrals, dramatic increases in their graduation rates, all while improving school safety,’ [Supreme Court…

Did Your School Get Fixed this Summer? Here’s a List of 20 Completed ABSS Projects

As one of the strongest champions for our public education system in the recent history of the Alamance County Board of Commissioners, I am very pleased to see these school improvements this summer. There is nothing more important than investing in our kids! Read the full story from The Burlington News-Times: Did Your School Get Fixed this…

Snow Camp Community Threatened; Yours Could be Next

During the last weeks of my term as County Commissioner, before November’s election, I was invited to and indeed attended a community forum of Snow Camp area residents held at the Sylvan Elementary School ballpark. I was the only commissioner or commissioner candidate there. I publicly opposed the proposed quarry at that time and connected…

Draft Environmental Study Minimizes MVP Southgate Pipeline Impact

This is disappointing news. While on the Board of Commissioners last year, I drafted the last “resolve” statement in the board resolution that clearly stated the Board’s opposition to this pipeline in Alamance County. It passed 5-0. While I know that some disagree, my personal opposition was based on environmental and property rights issues, and…

How Healthy, Wealthy is Alamance County? Here are the Numbers.

“The 2018 Alamance County Community Assessment paints a picture of a growing county with economic challenges and disparities among racial groups contributing to health problems and a need to focus on education, access to healthcare, exercise, good food, and poverty.” Putting this assessment together is another great example of the collaboration that exists in Alamance County, this time Healthy Alamance, the County Health Department, Cone Health/Alamance Regional Medical Center, the United Way, and Impact Alamance.

Alamance County Commissioners Meeting

These are excerpts of my comments as Commissioner a year ago in support of funding public education just prior to voting on the 2018-19 budget. For me, there is no higher priority than supporting our kids and our schools!

ACC introduces middle schoolers to medicine

This is a wonderful program of Alamance Community College for students of Alamance Burlington School System to address racial inequities in the professions of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and related fields.